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Young people, Arts and Mental Wellbeing

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Welcome to Future Reset

Future Reset is VicHealth’s latest partnership with the arts sector to move the dial on young peoples collective health and wellbeing. Together, we’re enhancing mental wellbeing and social connection through, art, creativity and culture, with young people leading the charge. Because when you put art and young people together, something amazing happens – a future with unimaginable potential!

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what is future reset?

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Listen up. We’ve got some BIG news to share. Something exciting and unique that celebrates the relationship between the arts and mental wellbeing. Times have been tough, but the future brings hope. Victoria’s young people know what they want and know what they need. We know that young people aged 12-25 years have been hugely impacted by the pandemic, and mental wellbeing has suffered.
But here’s the thing, there’s a pretty special relationship between the arts and mental wellbeing. That’s why we’re backing the arts. We're creating events, installations and other creative projects that will ignite social connection among Victoria’s young people. We’re talking about enhancing mental wellbeing through art and creativity, with young people leading the charge.

Their ideas. Their experiences. What could be better?

We call it Future Reset: Young People, Arts and Mental Wellbeing.

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