Art Project

Collective Dreaming

Polaroid photos of an event placed on a table for all to see.
  • African Diaspora
  • Dance
  • First Nations
  • Music
  • Spoken word

Last updated

23rd May 2023


Footscray Community Arts

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This collective dreaming centres black joy, ancestral healing and community connection, across a series of creative developments and community events. Footscray Community Arts brings together young creatives from African Diaspora communities working across creative disciplines, from music, to spoken word, to visual arts, to share, celebrate and platform culture.  

This art project will include:  

  • Artist in Residency/development program in Footscray  

  • Community in Residency program (Senegalese, Kenyan, South Sudanese)  

  • A workshop series and Yarning Circles with elders from First Nations and African communities to share ancestral knowledge as a form of liberation and resilience – including walk on country events for African communities  

  • ‘Germaine Agony’ workshops/round table conversations exploring and using dance as an ancestral play, reclaiming history through movement, reconnecting back to self through dance in partnership with SIGNAL   

  • Spoken word event as part of Melbourne Now (NGV)  

  • A workshop series for young creatives including financial and emotional literacy, funding, pitching and more  

  • Dance and music events  

  • Partnership with RMIT and afroUrban to deliver workshops and a panel event on African Urbanism  

  • 2 x visual art exhibitions at Footscray Community Arts.  

A tight shot of six people sitting in a circle having an in-depth conversation.