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Gippslandia Mentorship Program

Gippslandia Mentorship Program by Regional Arts Victoria, Gippslandia, Future Healthy, Vichealth | Learn / Create / Publish

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  • Design
  • Digital Art
  • Illustration
  • Writing

Last updated

8th September 2023


Regional Arts Victoria

Program launch

Monday 21 August 2023 @ 9AM


Regional Arts Victoria, Gippslandia, Future Healthy, VicHealth

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This program will develop student's skills in journalism or art forms complimentary to journalism, such as writing, graphic design, photography, illustration.  Fourteen young Gippsland-based artists will receive a three-month mentorship by Gippslandia contributors, with the goal of helping them develop their own material for publication in a future edition of the magazine. Participants will be paid to meet online with their mentors over the course of three months from September to December 2023.  

Our program launches on Monday 21 August 2023 @ 9AM. Watch this space for a link to the program launch & the application process.