AAV Artists Talk – Beau Windon on Authenticity

Video description: Beau Windon is standing in front of a wall covered in hanging art. He has brown stubble, long hair and is wearing a colourful Pokémon t-shirt.

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4th October 2023



Arts Access Victoria

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AAV Artists Talk is a video series that feature Deaf and Disabled artists sharing their experience. This video features Beau Windon. Beau is a neurodivergent writer of Wiradjuri descent based in Melbourne. In this video, he discusses authenticity in his arts practice and the impact it has.  

The series was filmed as part of a co-design workshop series to develop programs for young Deaf and Disabled artists, creatives, audiences and arts workers. Each artist responded to one of our values. We will be releasing a video each Tuesday from 14 March to 4 April 2023.

Click here for more info about our programs for young people. [External]

AAV Artists Talk is supported by Cassandra Gantner Foundation and the Victorian Goverment though Engage! and VicHealth


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