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Open Page, Open Stage

A man wearing a bright blue jacket is smiling while singing into a microphone. Another person is facing them we can see the back of their curly hair. They are both holding up notebooks as though this is a rehearsal.
  • Performance
  • Poetry
  • Theatre

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18th August 2023


Western Edge

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There are 2 versions of Open Page – in person and online – to expand our practice and be accessible to all young people in the West. This free 15-week program is for emerging writers in the western suburbs of Melbourne, facilitated by professional writers from various creative practices (playwriting, screen writing, poetry, short stories, fiction).   

This facilitator will also support the group in their co-writing for a performance outcome through one of our core programs, Edge Ensembles (for in-person) and through a partnership we are developing with Arts Access Victoria and program, Echo Collective. This creates a significant avenue through which our young artists can develop their collaborative and dramaturgical practices.   

Open Stage  is a cross-disciplinary performance event for young people to show works-in-progress and experiment with short form writing in a low-pressure environment focused on community care. The program of quarterly events will be an open mic night like no other, combining storytelling, poetry, music and food with community gathering and creative sharing.   

Each event will engage a West-based young producer who will curate the event and encourage young members of their community to attend and present work.  Western Edge will also work closely with a production partner, On3 Studio, who will mentor and support artists on the project such as sound engineers, DJs, lighting crew, MCs and stage managers.  

Front of frame is a woman wearing a bandanna is looking at a piece of paper and standing next to a microphone.. Behind her is another woman doing the same thing.
A woman wearing a long bright red vest, maroon scarf and hoop earrings is standing in front of a microphone reading from her phone. Behind her sits a row of people all looking at her or at pieces of paper.
two people are standing side by side at a slight angle watching someone perform off camera. They have their hands poised in a clapping position.
Two people are huddled behind a script whispering cheekily to each other.