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Two people are writing on a big piece of brown paper. The words "What is your dream arts event?" can be seen on the page.
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13th September 2023


Regional Arts Victoria

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In direct response to consultation with young people in Gippsland, Regional Arts Victoria will present a series of Workshops, Mentorships & Events across the Gippsland region. These activations will focus on play, learning and social connection through creative activities, performances, showcasing young people’s works and bringing generations of people together.   

The program will include:  

  • Circus Workshops delivered in partnership with GippSport & Wacky Wombat Entertainment across all shires in Gippsland.
  • Music and Arts focused workshops delivered in Wellington Shire & East Gippsland Shire.
  • Online Mentorship Program in Journalism (Writing, illustration, graphic design, photography, business, etc)
  • A series of art-based workshops with a focus on bringing together a diverse range of young people with different needs and skill levels, ending with a public exhibition of work. Program delivered in partnership with Arts Access Victoria.
  • Bad Kids Project (working title) developed in partnership with JOF Makes Art which will have both workshops and a major performance outcome.
  • A Theatre festival with a focus on upskilling young people before a public facing event. 
  • More things coming soon as a part of the Future Arts Movement.